#BY_help civic campaign

We started collecting money to support victims of repressions and their families in March 2017. Back then we managed to collect and give families of the repressed more than 55,000 dollars. Since June 2020, #BY_help fundraises money to provide help to victims of repressions during the 2020 presidential election campaign: compensation of fines, medical expenses, legal support.

What do we help with?

  • Payment of fines and state fees for the days in prison: people with no record of prior detentions or arrests for their views, as well as people living outside Minsk are a priority - cases starting from 01 June 2020.

  • Fixed amount one-time support for medical treatment and rehabilitation of all civilians who suffered during the dispersal of protests and detentions - cases starting from August 2020. This support includes payments to the family of those killed during the protests or after them while being in the detention or prison.

  • Compensation of lawyer fees for participants of peaceful protests who got under repressions - cases starting from 01 June 2020 in complicated cases: beatings, court cases of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

Apply here to request #BY_help compensation.

Help independent media! From September, we are collecting funds to provide targeted assistance to independent media and journalists that are victims of repressions. Learn more here.

How is the help distributed?

We distribute all the fundraised money, minus commission taken by the platforms, directly to people who need help in a safe way(s).

How do we report on spending?

Since 2017, in order to protect those who receive help, we do not publish detailed statistics with exact amounts or names. All the reports are published on our social media accounts based on the aggregated data. However, we do not discourage individual willing beneficiaries from sharing their feedback on social media and are deeply grateful for all such posts - for example, this one.

In order to ask for help or donate money, please, click on one of the links below.

If you cannot use PayPal or Facebook for donations, contact us via byhelp [at] belarus97 [dot] pro